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Our Primary Tutor is an Art Major and will have Art as a major component of the children's fun and education. Over time we will promote the appreciation of Art and it's beauty


Music is part of our life

Individual Tuition Accommodated on request and booking


We promote a high Level of Activity to support the physical development and confidence of the child. We have an onsite outdoor secluded play area (Courtyard) with a beautiful large green area amenity close by. Organised trips to the park will be provided with the consent of the parents


Tutors are Fluent English speaking and we can cater for Fluent Spanish also to meet with the demands of Californian lifestyle.


Mathematics and other subjects will be covered as part of the day to day curriculum run at our daycare. We hope to foster a hunger to learn, which no doubt will be a great asset for the future

Outside Play

Play and Games form a major part of activity in our day. Our kids will learn to share, compete, respecting others while enjoying themselves with the new found friends.

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